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Ice Flakers

Self Contained

  • Air cooled, self contained rapid freezing ice flaking units
  • Energy efficient, water conservation friendly, and long operation lifespan

Seafood, Produce, Spot Displays

Self-contained Ice Flaker

General Purpose

  • Rapid freeze with energy efficiency, water conservation and long life expectancy
  • Remote low side ice flakers

Seafood, Produce, Spot Displays

Genera Purpose Ice Flaker

Retail CO2

  • Remote low side ice flakers for subcritical transactional refrigeration systems
  • Energy efficient, water conservation friendly and long life cycles

Seafood Merchandising, Seafood Processing, Seafood Distribution
Produce Merchandising, Produce Harvesting, Produce Distribution
Poultry Processing, Sausage Processing
Spot Displays

CO2 Ice Flaker

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