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Cabinetry & Counters

Store Equipment offers a wide variety of cabinetry and counters for Supermarkets, Convenience Stores,
Retail and Non-Food stores.

Cabinetry, Beverage Counters Hot & Cold

For beverage operations to be successful, the presentation area must be high quality, attractive, accessible and clean. Royston coffee and beverage bars are true workhorses that keep the liquids pouring and the traffic flowing. The easy-to-clean counter surfaces are water, mold, and mildew-resistant. Modular metal cabinetry supports daily use of heavy coffee and ice equipment and makes it simple for employees to store and change out supplies. The cabinetry has been both time-tested and weight-tested and is operationally tailored for maximum durability and convenience.

Customer Service Counters

Customer service counters are key consumer touchpoints and can serve as an unmistakable expression of your store's service and quality. Royston countertops, with their abundance of finishing choices, will make store customers and employees feel right at home.

Specialty Islands

Royston provides a variety of store fixtures that give you functional design for flexibility and operational efficiency. Beyond checkstands, merchandisers, and display cases, Royston offers a line of specialty cabinets for very specific needs in the retail environment. Custom work is available to meet any store application. All to let you provide the best customer service.

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